South American Minerals Group (SAMG)

At South American Minerals Group (SAMG) we are dedicated to the worldwide distribution of minerals of South America with a focus on opening new markets and channels overseas. Our goal is to utilize our expertise in international trade, mining and commerce to help develop the industry while creating opportunities for our clients across the world.

One of the key differentiating factors with us is our close relationships with our clients. We pay extremely close attention to their unique needs and help build a valuable presence for them during the most important trade shows in the industry.

Our team is the reason behind the success of South American Minerals Group on their respective field. We have expertise in each focus area such as mining, design, international trade and sales.

South American minerals treasures are recognized and valued all over the world because of the unique beauty of their color and exclusive forms. We aim to take care of these minerals with respect and responsibility.

“Sebastian Solla – Executive Director at South American Minerals Group (SAMG)”